Painless Procedure

Root Canal Procedures

At some point in your life, there is a good chance you will need a root canal. If done right, this is a relatively painless procedure, but it needs to be performed by a qualified Endodontist. The procedure normally takes 30-90 minutes and should be no more painful than filling a cavity.

What Is Endodontics?

Dr. Sadegh Namazikhah, Endodontist

Endodontics is a dental specialty recognized by many national dental organizations, including the American Dental Association, Royal College of Dentists of Canada, and Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Learn more

Education Plus Skill

Endodontist in encino, CA

After obtaining a DMD degree, an endodontist must undergo 2 additional years of postgraduate training to become an endodontist. But there’s more involved in becoming a skilled endodontist; it takes a lot of manual dexterity similar to that of a surgeon or sculptor. It took Dr. Namazikhah years to perfect these skills. Learn more


Trusting, caring and most professional.  Those are the words that would describe my experience at this office.  I do have serious phobia of going to the dentist, however, I could only relax and trust as the work was being performed on me at this office by dr. Namazikhah.

Highly recommend this office for any and all your dental issues and routine exams.

Moshen G. Los Angeles, CA

I originally came to Dr. Namazikhah’s office almost two years ago for a consultation. I ended up running out of there because his staff was so incredibly rude and the doctor was quite short with me. I guess I came on an off day because when I went back two years later (at the urging of my dentist after a failed root canal ) I had a great experience.


When I came in the second time, I shared my concerns and reservations with the staff since I last came in. Dr. Namazikhah met with me immediately, shared with me the staff member who was so rude to me was no longer with the company and that he apologized if I had anything but an amazing experience with him and his staff. After that everything was smooth sailing. Dr. Namazikhah is very knowledgeable and professional. He doesn’t talk too much which is a change for me (my dentist talks me through everything) and has a very traditional bed side manner but his skill shines in his work.  In addition all of his staff were total sweethearts, made you feel like you were family and checked on me constantly in a genuine way. He even called to check on me during the week!

Dr. Namazikhah made me feel at ease and confident this troublesome root canal would finally be helped. I recommend his outstanding work and his staff to anyone looking for a specialist.

Rachel V. Los Angeles, CA

I don’t have anything to compare this with, because this was my first root canal, but dr. namazikhah and his staff are great!

Compared to the horror stories i’ve heard from friends & family about root canals, i was really nervous but in so much pain that i had no choice about doing it. i was very pleasantly surprised, it was great (compared to what i expected).

Here’s why i recommend dr. namazikhah:

  • I was able to make a same day appointment
  • I was seen immediately
  • I didn’t have to wait long before i was seen (usually dental appts always seem to be backed up, making my stay longer)
  • Dr. Namazikhah was clear about explaining what was going on and what had to be done
  • Dr. Namazikhah offered multiple options, which made me comfortable and less anxious
  • Dr. Namazikhah’s personality made everything relaxed — he was very easy to talk to
  • His staff was really great, quick and friendly

After the appointment i wasn’t in as much pain as i expected and i felt fine the next day (i’ve heard horrible stories of dr’s that don’t do the job completely so that patients have to come back and back again, obviously charging insurances and out of pocket payments over and over).

i definitely recommend dr. namazikhah!

Mana A. Sherman Oaks, CA

First, Dr. Namazikhah is no longer at the (310) number listed here. His practice is in Encino; the number is (818) 789-3236.

And I recommend that you call that number if you need the services of an endodontist.  Dr. Namazikhah is an old pro who has taught the art at USC and knows exactly what he’s doing.  My recent root canal was painless, quick and (per post-procedure x-rays reviewed by my regular dentist) done to perfection.  A nice man and a thorough pro.


Jim H. Encino, CA

My review for Dr. Namazikhah is long overdue.

I came to him in 2010 for two root canals. One of these had complications. my previous dentist had performed a botched root canal and the tooth was infected.  I was advised to consult a specialist, and a friend recommended Dr. Namazikhah.  The other root canal was a straight forward procedure.

Dr. Namazikhah was extremely nice, patient, and professional. His office was clean and comfortable. He was extremely gentle and his skill in administering the anesthetic was such that even that did not hurt.

After the root canal, Dr. Parsi told me to hold off on putting a crown on the tooth to make sure it heals properly before I spend the money on the crown. When I finally did, my dentist told me the tooth had healed nicely and that the procedure had been done perfectly.

Hirbod H. Beverly Hills, CA